Coworking in Lisbon

Our way

We like to work at the speed of Lisboa. We believe that each neighborhood influences the way we do things. Therefore, we seek to reconcile what is fundamental between old and new by giving life to historic buildings and envisioning different working spaces with an essence, for a new era of workers (for those who value the past and look upon the future). This is our way. Make it your own way too by working in a Lisboa lisboeta.

Marvila is Marvelous

The sweetest street in Lisbon is here (Rua do Açúcar/ Sugar Street). Every morning you sit in the garden and listen to some of the inhabitants stories. You buy yourself a scratch card, a newspaper and drink a coffee in the cafe around the corner. Here, everybody knows your name. This is unique, special.

Once upon a time

… a great winemaker lived here. Years after, this big space turned into an office, a coworking area, a hub and many more things. Now, entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, dreamers, makers, nomads work under the same roof. The house is again filled with people and life.

See our space


Here the internet runs like a beauty. You even have wifi in the garden. It is good internet, "sem espinhas".


Table, cutlery, water, soap, napkins, dishes, glasses, dryer, chairs, fridge, coffee machine e cakes quite frequently.


To bathe, or Lisbon would not be the european city with more hours of sun per year. You can also eat outside.

Multifunction printer

Just like it says, it is as you wish, it pulls a MacGyver.

Always open

We take the 24h seriouly. Each one has it's own schedule. We respect that.


From workshop to workshop, from festa to festa, productions, birthdays (we've done a few)...

Meeting room

To keep a high level and apearances. We know that we get along if we talk.

Bike Friendly

Keeping it healthy. Like it, use it and abuse it. There's always room for one more bike.

Day pass

15€ / day

At a small friendly price. It is worth to try.

VAT included


160€ / month

It is fancier, so it has one more zero. But it means working amist good inteligent and friendly people.

VAT included


600€ / month

Group price. More comfortable and at ease. You can open and close the door, do a handstand sleep and make some millionaire deals.

VAT excluded

Virtual Office

40€ / month

For those who only need to receive mail in a trustworthy address

VAT excluded


Rua Amorim 2, 1950-022 Lisboa



+351 218 680 445


Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm

Talk to us

We have a nice chat (on the right bottom corner), you can send us a message through the form, a letter or a mail pigeon. We will answer you for sure.